How to use your Devices Intentionally to Live a Beautiful Life


It’s with clear intention that we must make the decisions in our lives to truly live at our best.

This booklet has been designed to help you learn how to intentionally use your phone, tablet, computer, wearable or whatever other device you may use to ensure you live as brightly as you possibly can.

Here’s how this booklet works…

Phase #1 – Evaluate what matters in your life and how devices currently exist in your world.

Phase #2 – Become mindful of your own patterns around your devices.

Phase #3 – Create your intentional action plan.

Simply print this booklet and work directly with in the beautifully designed pages or work through the exercises in your own journal.

Join me and learn how to choose intentional living over unconscious living and your life will become more beautiful.

Price – $5.00