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Sonja Logtenberg

Play & Primal Movement As A Tool For Greater Fitness & Connection With Your Children

Here is my first “interview”. We were not in the same city when we wanted to record this, so we went for the Skype recording and although it isn’t the best quality for you and we aren’t uploading it to SoundCloud or iTunes, you can catch the real deal right here.

Content By Time (for busy people):

3:29     Through Sonja’s story, you will learn how to look at movement in a different way… as a powerful tool.

7:15     Sonja explains MovNat and offers some examples of how she incorporates it into her life. We bridge into how movement has been controlled by the way society has developed the world around us (sitting in desks, driving, etc.) and how we can change this!

11:40  We talk about play and how we all desperately need to reconnect to our playful selves. We cover how being a mom can make us better at playing if we open our minds.

16:30  We discuss the beautiful power we mamas have and how valuable this is for our children to see. Let’s empower our children!

18:25  We cover reconnecting with movement patterns that we have lost, but need in our lives.

20:00  We discuss “supple mind, supple body”; moving into our discomfort; and brain health.

23:55  We chat about finding the exercise that lights you up and your children too.

25:00  We chat about being a role model for your children.

26:45  We speak on reconnecting to play as a parent, partner… human.

30:40  We even chat about playing with your partner & how outside makes us more vital.

32:18  Sonja offers tools she uses to get out the door to exercise/play even on cold days.

41:40  We talk about different ways exercise can fit into your life in manageable ways.

46:10  The ONE tool Sonja would offer moms to deal with ALL exercise obstacles!

50:30  Workshop details!


“Get the mind out of the way, so the body can play”

~Sonja’s husband Rik Logtenberg